Ultrakort 2019! A stop-motion animation by Sverre Fredriksen and Zaou Vaughan. 
World Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2019 
Nominated for A Golden Calf for Best Short Film at Nederlands Film Festival. 
Winner of Best Dutch Short at Kaboom 2019, winner of jury award Best Short Animation at CINEKID 2020, winner of Best Short Animation at Mammoth Lakes Film Festival 2021.
 National cinema distribution Pathé October 2019 and screened in Hollywood at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences at NewFilmmakers LA 2019.
Funded by Nederlands Filmfonds, Fonds 21, AFK (Amsterdam fund for the art), Stimuleringsfonds (Creative industries fund NL), Provincie Gelderland.

World premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2019 (Screening Sept 5 + Sept 12)
Dutch premiere at Nederlands Film Festival 2019 (Screening 30 Sept + 1 Okt + 2 Okt)
Norwegian premiere at Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019 (24 - 27 Okt)
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