L'eau Faux
L'eau Faux (False Water) is an experimental film with animation, puppeteering and actors. Created by Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen.
Human Nature
Cloacinae is the name of the roman goddess of the first sewer of modern civilization, the cloaca maxima, in Rome. It is also an animation about finance and hygiene, where we follow the journey of a cent - who lands in the sewer to face new values. Cloacinae was created with a very special technique, mixing shadow puppets, time-lapses of melting ice, phenakistiscopes and a zoetrope.  In the Avant-garde collection of Eye Filmmuseum, available on Eye Film Player:
About To Burst
About to burst. (in post-production) Originally animated and shot on 16mm at University of South Australia in 2005. Recently scanned by Onno Petersen in HD format and is now being edited and finished.
Power Up
Power Up is an animated short film created with stencils, spray paint and a super-8 film camera. Winner of the Changemaker Award at Media That Matters Film Festival in NYC. (2007)
Broken Joystick
Experimental animation (paper, tape, scanner) Soundtrack made of recorded paper and tape sounds. Student film (UniSA, 2004)
Does it suck to be clay?
Does it suck to be clay? is a clay animation made for the Adelaide Fringe 2004 short film competition "Shoot the fringe". 1 week to shoot something related to the Fringe Festival on one roll of Super 8mm film. Premiered at the festival unseen for all participating filmmakers.